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Delta Blue Gives Back

When 2020 changed how most small businesses interacted with their customers and their employees, many businesses and even exceptionally large corporations took to donations and charitable giving as a way of helping through the pandemic. I don’t know if this trend is going to continue -if and when- the economy reaches some sort of normalcy and/or our lives ever return to any resemblance of what they used to be but I would hope that the act of giving back becomes something that is as routine as social distancing even though it hasn’t been marketed and pounded into our heads near as much as the “social distancing” phrase and practice or the habit of masking before leaving home.

I recall on social media, especially women, reaching out because they did not have diapers, formula or other items that were becoming scarce. Of course, the hoarding of paper goods and cleaning supplies was a negative issue along with the few that took the opportunity to buy cases of items we all needed and then jack the price up 1000%. Yes, I do remember those too.

But.. in overlooking and choosing to do without or creating a new solution just so those taking advantage would not profit from everyone else’s hard time; I did see the women come out in force for each other to respond. “Yes, I have formula, milk, diapers, some cash… whatever the case may be .. I can help you.” I think it is important to consider what it would take for someone to ask for help when they need it. It is also just as important to never turn away if there is someone needing help and you have the capability to make a difference.

Growing up, I remember my parents having… well… conflicting reviews on being charitable. My mom always tried to make my sister and I understand that not everyone has control over things that may happen to them and my dad, had a different opinion. For example, I only remember my dad once ever giving anyone anything. My family was in Dallas and there was a man at an intersection with a cardboard sign that said, “Spaceship broke down; Need cash to fix it so I can return home!” My dad began to laugh hysterically and rolled the window down and threw the man some money and said, “Here you go. Thanks for being original.” He continued to laugh for just a bit when mom spoke up and said, “Well for that much money you may could have bought him a bus ticket and gave him the address to the plant and told him to be at work Monday morning.” My dad did not like that idea at all and said the odds that man would show up were zero and even if he did, he probably couldn’t pass a drug test.

As I got older, I did figure out that both mom and dad were right and there were people that really needed help and there were people that did not but would take advantage of you. None of the deterred me or my sister from trying to help when we could. Now, I am lucky enough to have my own small business and I have to say that I do not need my mom or my dad to tell me that I know I should pay it forward and give my customers the chance to pay it forward as well. It is my responsibility as a business owner and as a female entrepreneur to support other women, my community, charities and individuals when I can.

Delta Blue Belle sells merchandise that helps us donate funds to charities that we strongly believe in. We sell Save The Children Tees that support Operation Underground Railroad. If you are not familiar with this organization, please check out their website. There are several ways that you can volunteer for their organization. They do very important work protecting and saving sex-trafficked children world wide. Operation Underground Railroad is also perfect for former military and retired law enforcement officers to volunteer for missions. Please visit their website!  Purchase one of our tees! Share it with your friends. Also, just a side note- there are several documentaries available about O.U.R.! Reach out if you are interested in more information.

Delta Blue Belle also supports the Battle Buddy Response Team. Veteran’s organizations are very personal and close to my heart. I took my time to find the perfect organization to support. There are several Veterans’ organizations, but the Battle Buddy Organization really touched me. Delta Blue has tees, stickers, and merchandise that supports the Battle Buddy Organization. They have Veterans respond to other Veterans in crisis all over the country. Visit their website for more information or reach out to Delta Blue Belle. 

Of course, because charity begins at home, Starkville Strong is a community pantry. Delta Blue Belle supports Starkville Strong by donating 10% of all its sales. There are donation boxes in locations throughout Starkville. Our area is not the only one that has a community pantry like Starkville Strong. Other areas may have something similar that you can donate to otherwise rest always assured that when you do business with Delta Blue Belle you are supporting a small business that takes its appreciation and responsibility to their community and customers seriously. 




(All names and organizations are property of themselves. We do not actively take cash donations for these organizations but provide information and ways to volunteer and donate to them. We also support their cause and missions respectively. We are always looking for merch and fundraising opportunities! )

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