Effective immediately I will be responding to emails and PMs during “business hours”

Effective immediately I will be responding to emails and PMs during “business hours” Monday - Friday 8-5
I will likely respond occasionally on nights and weekends but will be limiting that as well. I realize because I do reply quickly and on nights and weekends it’s become the expectation of me so this is truly my own fault.
Lastly, if asked for an order update before TAT is up the response will be what the TAT is for that item. Please don’t take this as rude but I don’t know how to stop this.
I hate that I’m having to do this but I have tried every possible way to ask for people to not expect nights and weekend responses and to not ask for order updates prior to the item being past due and unfortunately it’s continuing to happen.
The amount of emails and PMs that came in late last night with a follow up today saying they didn’t hear back from me yet along with asking for updates on orders that were even just placed Friday I won’t be able to keep up shipping at the fast pace I would like to with the order update questions and expectation to respond on weekends within 8 hours. So I’m trying to do what is best for you all and make rules that will support fast TAT.
I realize when you’re wondering about your order or a question on a fit of a tee it seems small and quick but with the group at 3800 folks and growing (which I’m insanely thankful for) if everyone did that I wouldn’t get anything else done.
I appreciate your respect to these policies - I’m not saying don’t send an email or PM on nights and weekends that’s totally fine just don’t expect me to reply until the following business day.
Appreciate you all ❤️
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